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JCaroline Creative has a great tutorial for her STORAGE Baskets!

These can be used for so many fun things like cards, patterns, accessories, socks, anything you can think of! It's a fun way to add color to your booth, if needed! The storage baskets can be used at home after your show too, which is always a great way to keep yourself from having too much clutter!


  1. These are so cute! And the tutorial is excellent. I've been wanting a few of these bins for storage, but in stores they are so expensive! I think I'll start working on a few after class tonight!

  2. I love the fabric you've used! So sweet. Great tutorial, thanks for sharing :)

  3. i have been racking my brain for a way to display my cards at an upcoming show and this might be perfect for my table! thank you so much.

  4. I'm loving your blog, wonderful and helpful information. My items are pet related, but I'm sure I can utilize some of the display options you've provided in several of your postings. Thanks bunches!

  5. Thanks for the link! I think it'll help show off some hand dyed fiber and sockyarn at a festival in April! I'm off to create some for myself.



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