Clothing Display


What's wonderful about this booth is their ability to display their work in various ways. It's great how things are displayed at all levels as well. One thing I like to see is the signs hanging on the outside of the booth because when you get a lot of people in your booth (we all hope), your sign can get covered up. I do like how they have their items hanging on the sides of their booth, again bringing that attention to the entire booth. I do have to not that the display of blankets in front is great! If you would like to see more wonderful examples of their booth, go to their website and click on their blog link!

Clothing Display


The link to this booth idea was sent to me by a reader and a fan of House of Dots! I am in awe of their booth creativity and fun character! This is such a fantastic and inexpensive way to design your booth. What's even more admirable is that their website design matches! That constancy really is a great way to advertise and to let your customers remember who you are. It's hard to see from the photo I posted, but they also have a handmade changing screen for their customers! That is such a wonderful idea!

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