Need an easy, trendy, fun way to display your earrings at a show (and later at home)!? This tutorial shows just how you can do that. You can do so many things with the idea like placing the wire earring hanger in flower pots or bowls - use your imagination.



I found this great tutorial on Centsational Girl's Blog! This is such a great way to display your jewelry for shows or in your own room! I really like that they added hooks on the frame to hand necklaces too! This seems like a fairly easy and fun project! Although the box display in the foreground is not part of the tutorial, the idea as also wonderful!

Accessories Displays


This booth display by Montage Designs is so practical and fun. It really allows the customer to see everything you have and gives you much more space than a table would allow. If you didn't have full length shutters, you could also achieve this function by using smaller shutters on tables. Another eye catching wonder is that the shutters are painted in contrast to the accessory cards - this really brings your eye toward the product and draws you in.

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