Soap Displays

The Pig and the Peacock

The Pig and the Peacock did a great job displaying their soap. I think the way they used staggered stacking displays. The color of their shop is what really catches your eye and brings you in, which is really what you shoot for. You want to stand out (and still be stylish). I also like how some of the soaps are sitting vertically and some horizontally-this really changes up the display. I've also included a photo of their display of the soap scents! This looks very professional and really adds to the look of the display all together.


  1. Great design for the blog! Nice work picking out some of the best booth designs yet! Very inspiring!

  2. That soap display is gorgeous. Totally appeals to my organic + color aesthetic!!

  3. I love the way they arranged the colors. It almost makes the display look like a soap collage!

  4. That's a great looking display!

    Following you.

  5. Gorgeous display, I like how they are grouped by catagory, very clever!


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