Craft Fair Booth Displays / Necklace Displays

J. Elise Designs

What caught my eye about the way J. Elisa Designs displayed their necklaces was they various display tables & vases! The tables/design compliment the style of the necklaces and really sets a mood in the space. I can almost see candles burning in the corners as the aesthetics give you a sense that you're in a cozy and relaxing room. What's also great about this display is how the necklaces almost appear to be jewels hanging in a treasure box!


  1. This looks warm and cozy..a display that was well thought out and matched the feel of her creations!


  2. Thanks for including me! Love all the ideas in here!

  3. Cool! I'm always looking for ways to display necklaces besides those boring old black velvet necks, LOL!

  4. Such an interesting, appealing display. I can see I need to be a lot more inspirational with my jewellery display.

  5. I've seen this display in person and it absolutely stands out from the crowd - in a good way :)


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