Clothing Display


How do you display clothes and such items in a creative way? One Lucky Ducky has found such a way! As you can see, they used ladders to hang rods on. This gives you so many ways to hang your items. It's fun and easy. I do like how they've painted the ladders white - helps the merchandise to stand out.

Accessory Display


Mimi Green offers "Stylish dog collars & leashes for the super stylish dog!" I love it! What I love more is their inventive and practical display for their collars! It's so inexpensive, practical and easy to put away! As you guys know, I love the displays that show your work at various heights. I brings attention to your hard work. You can use this same display for so many things and paint them in so many colors. Be careful that it doesn't distract from your work...



I ran into this tutorial from Kevin and Amanda's Blog, which is really beautiful and fun. It would be great for shows and fun to do in various colors and sizes - even a long frame for necklaces. Don't want to use wire? Use embroidery thread or something thick like it. You can even add colors! The possibilities are endless!

Handbag Display


BeckyOH! had done a great job at displaying her wristlets. It's a lot of fun and a definite attention grabber. This can be done on so many scales. With smaller mannequins or larger one such as this. Be sure to set it in the front of your booth as it will bring people in to look at all you have to offer!

Accessory Display


I'm always looking for great ways to display small items that get lost when you place them on a table and can look cluttered. This is such a great way to display such things. XSBaggage has done a great job doing this. It gives your product, in this case key fobs, height and creativity. You can use other things like gardening containers (painted to match your theme). You can also do something similar by placing your items on a cake stand.
I'm also partial to fresh cut flowers and that will always bring me to your booth.



Need an easy, trendy, fun way to display your earrings at a show (and later at home)!? This tutorial shows just how you can do that. You can do so many things with the idea like placing the wire earring hanger in flower pots or bowls - use your imagination.



I found this great tutorial on Centsational Girl's Blog! This is such a great way to display your jewelry for shows or in your own room! I really like that they added hooks on the frame to hand necklaces too! This seems like a fairly easy and fun project! Although the box display in the foreground is not part of the tutorial, the idea as also wonderful!

Accessories Displays


This booth display by Montage Designs is so practical and fun. It really allows the customer to see everything you have and gives you much more space than a table would allow. If you didn't have full length shutters, you could also achieve this function by using smaller shutters on tables. Another eye catching wonder is that the shutters are painted in contrast to the accessory cards - this really brings your eye toward the product and draws you in.

Clothing Display


What's wonderful about this booth is their ability to display their work in various ways. It's great how things are displayed at all levels as well. One thing I like to see is the signs hanging on the outside of the booth because when you get a lot of people in your booth (we all hope), your sign can get covered up. I do like how they have their items hanging on the sides of their booth, again bringing that attention to the entire booth. I do have to not that the display of blankets in front is great! If you would like to see more wonderful examples of their booth, go to their website and click on their blog link!

Clothing Display


The link to this booth idea was sent to me by a reader and a fan of House of Dots! I am in awe of their booth creativity and fun character! This is such a fantastic and inexpensive way to design your booth. What's even more admirable is that their website design matches! That constancy really is a great way to advertise and to let your customers remember who you are. It's hard to see from the photo I posted, but they also have a handmade changing screen for their customers! That is such a wonderful idea!

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