Ring Displays


This is a photo from my table at a craft show in Berkeley, Ca. I really like how I displayed my Wood Rings. It's simple and inexpensive. I found a wood plate (it's thick) and sat them on top. I also displayed a few on a candle stand to give it a little change in display. You never know if someone is going to over look one display, so some times it's good to have a product in various places on your table or within your booth....if possible.

Pouch Displays


I participated in a craft show and got to admire Allibeans great pouches in person! If this BLOG were about great products, I could go on and on about great detail and design. But this BLOG is about Booth and Display Ideas. With that said, I was really impressed with her table display. It's hard to display your work on a small table, but I think she did a great job! Grouping similar items on the table worked well. I also like how she used a basket for her tissue pouches, giving a variety in displays. Lastly, her choice in table cloth color was perfect. It drew attention to her table and complimented the walls wonderfully. :)

Booth Designs


I finally took a photo of my table at one of my shows! I got a few compliments about my table display, which is always nice to hear. You're your own worst critic. A couple things I tried to do where giving hierarchy on the table for display. I used suitcases (which I also use as storage). I also decorated with pumpkins, which I think add a fun touch for the season. I actually made the pumpkins out of fabric and sold them. The space was really small, so it was hard to display my items without having it look too cluttered. Having various levels help with the point of view from the buyer and to adding a little interest.

Clothing Display

Pinkski's...Lil' Bubba Things

I love that these little dresses are hung sidewards! You can really see what they're selling and it makes it so much fun. I also really think the idea of having the dresses hanging on the clothesline is a great affect!

Photo courtesy of Milomade


Valerie, with Cabin + Cub did such a great job on her booth design, she won Best Booth Design! From her blog, she writes, "So the good news is... our booth (the Hob Snobs Craft Collective -- it is a bit hard to see the logo on the wall in this pic) won best booth design!! Awwww... yeah! We were super excited and surprised at being picked out of the 200+ other booths! Woohoo! And we managed to decorate on a tight budget as well.... um... carpet courtesy of craigslist, some furniture from our own houses, and an inexpensive feature wall color and custom wall lettering really did the trick!"

Booth Designs


My eyes were drawn to the flag banner here at Four Munkees's Booth. It's great that they sell them as well. The colors of the booth and various displays (stands & table) really make this booth fun and interesting. I also think the heirarchy on the table makes for a fun way to display.

Scarf Display


This is a fun way to display your scarfs! Find a window at a salvage yard or buy one and remove the glass (carefully). You can hang it from your canopy our build feet for it to stand on its own.

Accessories Display


This is a fun way to display your hair accessories!

Jewelry Display Tutorial


This tutorial shows how to make the display shown above for your jewelry! It's an easy and inexpensive display. You can paint the branches what ever color you'd like. You can even use branches that still have leaves!

Scarf Display Tutorial


This display and tutorial for scarfs is from A Box Living! You can do so many things with this DIY Tutorial for your shows and home. What I love about it is that you can use different fabrics and make it a lot of fun. You can even use it at home after a show!

Pillow Displays


I love this display of pillows. They really have represented them as art work on the wall! Having each pillow stand on it's own really gives the booth display color and it's so easy to see what their product is from afar.

Pottery Display


Allen Design Studio's display of pottery has really evolved from their first show. Like most people, they've learned over the years how to make their booth stand out and work with viewers by trial and error.
Melynn Allen explains in her blog, "I’ve just begun my third season on the craft fair circuit and every year I try to make some improvements to my booth set-up."
She then explains her booth design changes over the years, "I used drab beige tablecloths to begin with, and arranged the tables and shelves in a way that only 1 person could fit within the confines of my tent. Last year was a little better – I switched to black tablecloths and rearranged so that I could accommodate more people and easier browsing, but the shelving I used (I found them at a yard sale) were tall and rickety and swayed with the slightest brush of the wind.....So, this year I did some internet research and found a display company that I liked well enough and bit the bullet and ordered two new shelving units and a display/check out counter."

I think there is a point in time where you really need to invest into great displays, as Allen Design Studio did. It's not only important for your look and aesthetics of your booth, but safety of your product. That's a lot of time and money put into your product to just throw away (by bad supports or bad displays).

Ring Displays


How much fun is this Ring Display by Whimpsy Love? What a great idea! This is such a fun and inexpensive way to display rings! You can also paint the egg cartons various colors! I also love how you can stack them and use the lid for your price display! Very creative!

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