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I finally took a photo of my table at one of my shows! I got a few compliments about my table display, which is always nice to hear. You're your own worst critic. A couple things I tried to do where giving hierarchy on the table for display. I used suitcases (which I also use as storage). I also decorated with pumpkins, which I think add a fun touch for the season. I actually made the pumpkins out of fabric and sold them. The space was really small, so it was hard to display my items without having it look too cluttered. Having various levels help with the point of view from the buyer and to adding a little interest.


  1. Can you please do more information on craft tables? When I set up at a booth, I have no problem because I have mannequins, shelves, etc. But some events (especially in cold New England) are indoor and you can only use a 6' table. I am looking to participate in such an event but have no idea on a display!

    I am looking at selling lightweight throws, wraps and scarves. I want to sell some hats and leg warmers too. (I'm thinking of rolling the leg warmers and putting them in a box). You can see photos of my work at and

    Thank you so much for any tips you can give. I really appreciate your blog!


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