Pottery Display


Allen Design Studio's display of pottery has really evolved from their first show. Like most people, they've learned over the years how to make their booth stand out and work with viewers by trial and error.
Melynn Allen explains in her blog, "I’ve just begun my third season on the craft fair circuit and every year I try to make some improvements to my booth set-up."
She then explains her booth design changes over the years, "I used drab beige tablecloths to begin with, and arranged the tables and shelves in a way that only 1 person could fit within the confines of my tent. Last year was a little better – I switched to black tablecloths and rearranged so that I could accommodate more people and easier browsing, but the shelving I used (I found them at a yard sale) were tall and rickety and swayed with the slightest brush of the wind.....So, this year I did some internet research and found a display company that I liked well enough and bit the bullet and ordered two new shelving units and a display/check out counter."

I think there is a point in time where you really need to invest into great displays, as Allen Design Studio did. It's not only important for your look and aesthetics of your booth, but safety of your product. That's a lot of time and money put into your product to just throw away (by bad supports or bad displays).


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