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I participated in a craft show and got to admire Allibeans great pouches in person! If this BLOG were about great products, I could go on and on about great detail and design. But this BLOG is about Booth and Display Ideas. With that said, I was really impressed with her table display. It's hard to display your work on a small table, but I think she did a great job! Grouping similar items on the table worked well. I also like how she used a basket for her tissue pouches, giving a variety in displays. Lastly, her choice in table cloth color was perfect. It drew attention to her table and complimented the walls wonderfully. :)

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  1. Here I am googling display tips for a huge convention I'm participating in, and I get to see my wonderful friend Allie's set up (I couldn't make it to that show!)! Yay! Beautiful, of course. Thanks for the great tips!


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