Accessories Displays


This booth display by Montage Designs is so practical and fun. It really allows the customer to see everything you have and gives you much more space than a table would allow. If you didn't have full length shutters, you could also achieve this function by using smaller shutters on tables. Another eye catching wonder is that the shutters are painted in contrast to the accessory cards - this really brings your eye toward the product and draws you in.


  1. I use something similar (louvered bi-fold closet doors) in my booth. I removed three slats from each door, and when assembled, I can slide long planks through the empty slats to create shelves. I got the doors from Freecycle and painted them using leftover paint. My only costs were the planks and hinges (about $40). You can see my booth here:

  2. I love this! I want to walk into this booth.
    The spaciousness is an advantage so that potential customers won't feel "trapped". I think that keeps a lot of people from entering some booths.


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