Artwork Display


You can tell Steppie had a small space, but did a great job displaying her work! I love how she added the board toward the back of her table, giving more room to display her product. Everything is organized and aesthetically appealing! I also like how she used a solid table cloth and brought it over some her displays as well. It really ties everything together!


  1. I really like that display :) I was trying to find wood displays like the ones her cards are in but I couldn't so I used dish racks instead for now... photos are on my blog:

  2. That table is displayed really pretty and so colorful. I like to look at displays we've only done one art fair last year and it was very exciting to see all the ways that you can display your table and there are so many creative ways we learned a lot just from the first art fair.

  3. it's always interesting to see different displays - your table looks very neat!


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